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Video is great and powerful way to tell your school’s story. It can provide a quick and entertaining way to engage current and prospective parents in a saturated media market. People spend around one third of their entire time online watching videos, with experts predicting this to increase as time goes on. Video is a powerful marketing tool that school marketers need to start thinking about. Marketing teams can provide greater interaction and user experience for parents by simply integrating video into school communications.

Of all the current content styles – blogs, infographics, podcasts … and so on, video has four distinct ‘superpowers’ that make it a great tool for marketing your school:

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Delivering information in a way that people want to consume it.

Mother and Daughter Love

The multimedia combination of visuals and music can speak to viewers on a deeper level.

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Video is perceived to be more valuable than text, this is because of the time, effort and production costs that is takes to produce a high-quality piece of video content.

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Research shows that one minute of video can deliver the same quality of information as 1.8 million words.

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Benefits of video marketing for your school

Video boosts your conversion rates

Video is an investment for marketing teams because they can radically affect viewer behaviour, as thought by Precision Marketing Group.

Video builds trust and encourages social shares


Video simulates natural human interaction. It has information, tone and visual engagement that can effectively educate the viewer. Research has found that 90 percent of users say that product videos are helpful in their decision making process.

Search engines love video


A search engine’s main priority is to deliver valuable content to its searchers. A compelling video can be the right thing at the right time to solve a query or entertain.

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At McGrath Digital Media we love creating new and engaging content. We take the time to learn about your school and tailor each of our videos to achieve your desired outcomes. 


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